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What to see in Soverato and its surroundings

On this page we will briefly point out the most beautiful places around Soverato and The Seahorse B&B. Places that can be reached walking, by bike or a couple of minutes by car. We will list all the activities that this area can offer.

Soverato is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in southern Italy and because of its central location it also offers the opportunity to hike the whole Calabria and north eastern Sicily (Aeolian Islands, Taormina, Catania and Etna) in a single day.

In the Itinerary section you will find suggested routes and a brief list of road trips. 


Lungomare di Soverato - La villa comunale adiacente il lungomare Lungomare di Soverato - Tratto del lungomare pedonale
The town park adjacent the promenade A section of the pedestrian promenade

Soverato is a cosy and modern town located on the shores of a soft and white beach long about 2.5 miles, mostly facing the small bay of Montepaone.

The famous promenade of Soverato with long sections for pedestrian only, runs beside the beach.

Walking along the promenade of Soverato you can admire the crystal blue water of the sea flowing into the coast and after the sunset you can admire the lights of the villages overlooking the bay mirroring into the sea water.

The promenade is the ideal place to ride – even with children, in total peace of mind. Thanks to a pedestrian area you can enjoy the quiet and safe walks along the sea.

During the summer the promenade of Soverato is the epicenter of the social life thanks to its wide open spaces and to the large choice of clubs and restaurants. During the day you can enjoy the sun on the beach which also offers many bar and restaurant services and sometimes animation activities. While in the evening the promenade offers many dining options, cocktails, live music and clubs with every type of music imaginable.

The social life in Soverato is not limited only to the promenade, but also in a large number of other premises located in the surrounding areas of the promenade.

Sea, beach, sun, sports, good food, cocktails and music, but Soverato could be also known as La Dolce Vita, literally “sweet life”. We are not referring to the famous movie of Federico Fellini, but to the rituals of the many café’s & bakeries that are located down town. Any hour of the day is the right moment to go for a pastry; early in the morning to have a gentle waking, in the late morning and late afternoon for a cocktail, after the lunch or the dinner, to treat yourself with a dessert or throughout the night for a delicious temptation.

Very often a good excuse to take a break from the beach is the wide array of tasty snacks on offer. The tasting of cream puffs filled with custard or chocolate, Italian ices accompanied by warm brioche or savoury snacks can all be enjoyed alongside an aperitif, spirit or soft drink whilst admiring the slow flow of the city life.

A few kilometers from the coast on a panoramic hill lies the medieval village of Soverato, named Soverato Superiore. Here is located the church of Our Lady of Sorrows, inside with a masterpiece: La Pietà of Antonello Gagini.

The list of things to do in Soverato is long. Here are the most significant ones: beach volleyball, beach soccer, tennis, football, basketball, sailing, windsurfing, canoeing, boating, pedal boating, jet skiing, horseback riding, disco, Latin-American dances & religious events.


Tipico portale in pietra - Davoli - Hotel Soverato Panorama sulla Baia di Soverato - Davoli - Hotel Soverato
Typical stone portal View on the bay of Soverato from Davoli

Located less than 1.5 miles south of Soverato is Davoli, which offers many uncrowded, free beaches consisting of soft and white sand, parallel to a beautiful promenade with a few but welcoming beach resorts.

The city centre offers plenty of amenities, including some popular bars, cafes and pizza restaurants, specialising in seafood and rustic dishes.

The historic city centre is 1,300 ft above the sea level and offers buildings with particular beauty, adorned with ancient portals in local handmade granite. 


We are proud of this medieval village whose territory borders the town of Soverato on the south-west, because it gave birth to our ancestors. Furthermore Satriano offers extraordinary territory, ranging from the white beaches around the outfall of the river Ancinale, to the green pine forest, which falls within the National Park of the Serre.

The medieval village is situated on a hill about 300 metres above the sea level. In particular, we suggest visiting the church of Santa Maria d'Altavilla, where you can enjoy a spectacular view over the roofs of the old village to the main square, the Bay of Soverato and the entire Gulf of Squillace.

The pine forest of Satriano is in the middle of a pristine forest that offers an equipped picnic area and pathways on which you can walk breathing pure air at 800 meters above sea level. If you wish you can also explore the wood looking for mushrooms, but only if you hold a license, in order to avoid the collection of poisoned mushrooms. 


On the north border of Soverato lays a large bay surrounded by the slopes of Serre's mountains, with a crystal clear sea and beaches. The new promenade that connects Montepaone Lido to Montauro Scalo is extremely beautiful. Montepaone Lido also offers a small shopping centre named “Le Vele” with shops and restaurants. The historic centre is located 1,200 ft a.s.l. and has a typical medieval urban layout.


Panorama da Gasperina - Bed and Breakfast a Soverato - Il Cavalluccio Marino

The historic village is less than 1.5 miles from Montauro and we suggest you to visit both of them in a single day. In the lower part of the village there is the sanctuary of Our Lady of Termini, which offers the most beautiful view over the bay of Soverato-Montepaone.

With particular historic and artistic interest is the high altar of the parish church done with inlaid polychrome marble, originally located in the St. Anne's Grangia and then moved after the earthquake of 1783. 


Chiesa di San Pantaleone - Montauro Panorama dalla Chiesa di San Pantaleone - Montauro 
View of the Church of St. Pantaleone View from the Church of St. Pantaleone

Its marine district is reachable even by bike from Soverato near Montepaone Lido. The large and soft beach is in front of one of the most beautiful stretches of water of this small bay. Particularly beautiful is the ancient village that offers a stunning panoramic view. Just outside the town, halfway from Gasperina, lies the ruins of St. Anne Grangia, subsequently named Monastery of St. James, which was destroyed in the violent earthquake of 1783 and until then managed by the Carthusian monks of Serra San Bruno, at the behest Gran Conte Ruggero D'Altavilla.


Panorama da Stalettì - Bed and Breakfast a Soverato - Il Cavalluccio Marino

Located at the north end of the bay of Soverato, Staletti was founded by the Romans for military reasons because from this spike you can enjoy a view that goes from Isola Capo Rizzuto to Stilo (the extreme north and south of Squillace’s Gulf). It is just 2.5 miles away from Montauro. It is very pleasant to walk around the old village during the summer evenings, because even during the hottest summer days you can enjoy a light and gentle breeze. If this is still not cool enough we recommend you the finest Italian ices of Soverato and surroundings, choosing from a very wide variety of flavours. We suggest you to try Calabrian or Mediterranean flavours like figs, watermelon, almonds and pistachio. 


Lo scoglio di Pietragrande - Bed and Breakfast a Soverato - Il Cavalluccio Marino

This fabulous place of Montauro, visible from Soverato looking north offers a spectacular mountain view with dark rocks that dive into the blueness of the sea and then emerge at 20 yard from the coast, with a spike up about 13 yard. This huge rock emerging from the sea has given the name to this place: Pietragrande – literally “big stone”. The spike can be easily scaled and from its summit you can dive into a crystal clear sea. With a mask or goggles you can admire the rocky seabed and plenty of variety of small and funny fishes. 


Beside Pietragrande is located the seaside place named Caminia is located near Stalettì. It is a bay of soft sand set between two rocky mountains based into the sea. It offers a landscape that is every bit as good as the most famous tourist destinations like Taormina and Capri. We recommend hiring an aquatic vehicle (boat, jet ski, canoe or pedal boat) to help you to discover the magical landscapes around the bay. It is a very nice experience to walk on the old road that once linked Catanzaro to Soverato. This is now closed to the traffic and only available by bike or on foot and offers spectacular views.


Copanello is also very close to Stalettì, on the border of the town called Squillace. It offers many steep rocks and remarkable archaeological remains, such as Cassiodorus’s tanks and the church of San Martino.


Situated a few miles south of Soverato, Sant’Andrea offers large wild beaches along which you can isolate yourself or organise romantic and unforgettable walks in the midst of unspoilt nature. On the hill stands the ancient village with a breath-taking view.


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