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What to do in Sovereto and surroundings

There are many things to do in Soverato and its surroundings. We have shared the activities in the surroundings of Soverato in four categories: religious events, festivals, fun and sport.

Religious events

Whether you are a believer or not or whatever is your religion, the religious events that take place in Soverato and surroundings are always unforgettable experience that you shouldn’t miss because they reveal, in the most genuine and alive way, the traditions and local history.

Celebrations of Our Lady of Portosalvo - Soverato
Festa della Madonna di Portosalvo - Soverato Festa della Madonna di Portosalvo - Soverato

In 1906 a captain of a ship had to face a storm in the open sea and in the time of greatest trouble he invoked the intercession of Our Lady to rescue him and his men on board. The ship survived the storm and the captain built a little church in the marine village of Soverato, thus starting the cult of Our Lady of Portosalvo, the guardian angel of people who sail the sea and above all of the many fishermen of Soverato.

Since 1906 on every second Sunday of August the statue of Our Lady of Portosalvo leaves the little church of fishermen and is carried in procession through the streets of Soverato and finally to the sea (hence the popular name of "Our Lady at the sea”), where it is loaded onto a boat that then goes along the coast in front of Soverato. The boat carrying the statue of Our Lady of Portosalvo is followed by dozens of other boats, meanwhile thousands of people standing on the beach dive into the sea when the statue passes in front of them and the beach resorts pay tribute with fireworks.

A Pigghjàta
Recita amatoriale "A Pigghjata" - Soverato - Calabria Recita amatoriale "A Pigghjata" - Soverato - Calabria

This is an amateur play organized by the people of the village. “A Pigghjata” in Calabrian language this literally means “the taking”, implied of Jesus by the Romans, who then process and crucify him. Usually in the organisation of the play involves the whole village. The costumes faithfully reproduced and hand-sewn during the months before the event makes the final result truly spectacular.

A Pigghjàta can be admired usually on the Holy Saturday before the Easter. It is organized by many villages around Soverato.

A Naca
Le tipiche lanterne colorate appese agli abeti portati in processione a Davoli Le tipiche lanterne colorate appese agli abeti portati in processione a Davoli
Typical coloured lanterns hang to firs brought in procession through Davoli

In Calabrian language it means “the bed”, implied of Jesus Christ. A statue depicting Jesus Christ dead in supine position is carried in procession on Good Friday across the streets of the village meanwhile the population sing religious songs, i.e. the Stabat Mater. Participants hold candles in their hands. It is very popular and attended by thousands of people and it can be admired also in Soverato and surroundings.

A Cunfrunta

A Cunfrunta - Soverato - Calabria

In Calabrian language means “the comparsio” or better “the meeting”, between Our Lady and St. John with Jesus Christ after his resurrection. The three imposing statues are carried on the shoulder at the two ends of the main street of the village. The statue of St. John travels back and forth three times between Mother and Son, finally making them meet halfway. As soon as the statue of the Madonna sees that of Jesus Christ, they both run towards, to symbolise the mother-child love and the joy of the Christian community for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

A Cunfrunta can be enjoyed the morning of Easter Sunday in Soverato, Badolato, Sant’Andrea and Chiaravalle Centrale.

The living nativity scene

The medieval villages of Calabria, all located that at high altitude, often are already whitened by snow in the beginning of December, becoming the perfect setting to admire the fascinating play of the living nativity scene and all the characters portrayed in their daily living.

The living nativity can be enjoyed during Christmas holidays in some of the villages around Soverato.

Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Grace

Through the course of time several miracles occurred in the place where now stands the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace. The first miracle occurred in 1677 then the devastating earthquake of 1783 destroyed the Sanctuary, but the occurrence of new miracles pushed the local community to rebuild it in 1858.

Because of the heat, many pilgrims decide to leave at sunset. The route is very fascinating, because from the seaside they go up in the mountains, by the light of lanterns and torches.

The pilgrimage begins on 7th of September, to arrive in Torre di Ruggiero on the morning of the celebration, the 8th of September.


Magna Graecia film festival

Usually held in Soverato or surroundings between the end on July and beginning of August. It is a film festival recently introduced, but already very successful, aimed to the promotion of the film art, with a special consideration for the younger and future promises.

Soverato City Theatre

Opened recently, the program offers both a winter and a summer program and the structure is equipped with open air stalls that allow the audience to enjoy some shows under the stars.

La Notte Blu di Soverato

It is a multi-thematic party, held for the first time in late October 2013 being very successful and so we are confident it has great beginning for a lasting future..

La Notte Piccante di Catanzaro

It is a cultural and entertainment initiative that in the last ten years took place in the historic centre of Catanzaro in late September, being attended by thousands of people each year.

L'Alberto di Canto ad Isca sullo Ionio

It is held in mid-July in Isca sullo Ionio, a few miles south of Soverato and is a musical event.

Armonie d'Arte festival a Borgia

It offers music, dance and acting, in the scenic setting of the Archaeological Park of Squillace, north of Soverato. The shows are held from 13th July until 13th August.

Kaulonia tarantella festival

You can dance to the rhythms of tarantella in the square of the old village of Caulonia, usually the last week of August. Many famous names & upcoming artists can be found in concert performing traditional folk music.

Tarantella Power a Badolato

It is held in Piazza Castello of Badolato usually between the 20th and 25th of August and it is very popular amongst the younger generations.

Patronal Celebrations

Each village has its Patron Saint. The religious event is followed by a civilian program that provides music and dancing in the streets, fireworks and a lots of fun. Most of them take place in the summer.

The Local Festivals

The Local Festivals in Calabria show/exhibit the local products and the techniques of preparation and preservation of traditional foods. Of course all showered by fine local wine. Here is a short list of the main festivals, which are held in Soverato and surroundings:


In Soverato there are several clubs with a dance floor. Many of these are located directly on the beach. The atmosphere in these clubs on the beach would resemble that of a disco-bar or lounge bar rather than a night club.

For those who do not want to give up to the services offered by a real disco near Soverato, Stalettì and Borgia there is a great offering of both indoor and outdoor activities such as the dance floor on the sea water or on top of a panoramic hill overlooking Soverato’s bay.

During the summer in Soverato the Luna Park arrives. It is located directly on the beach and becomes a magical place for children and a fun and enjoyable amusement for adults too.

The Mini Water Park located on the waterfront of Montauro Scalo is primarily aimed at children. However if the adults desire a water park they will find satisfaction at the Water Park of Rossano Calabro, one of the largest of South Italy.


Soverato is a new town with a young spirit. Regardless of your age or your lifestyle, in Soverato you will find an activity or sport that is better suited to you. Below we list the activities that you can do in the surrounding areas of the Seahorse B&B.

Scuba diving, sailing, tennis, soccer, horseback riding, canoeing, paragliding, cycling, go-carts, quad bikes, clay pigeon shooting, bowling, etc.


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