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Suggested trips from Soverato

Some suggested trips you can make in a few hours, perhaps to take a break from the beach and get away from Soverato.

The south coast of Soverato

It offers the spectacle of medieval villages on the hillside where you can admire the view of small rivers crossing the valley and merging into the blue sea.


L'antico Borgo di Badolato - Hotel B&B Il Cavalluccio Marino - Soverato

Due to its shape, the history and the level of preservation, Badolato is a village that offers a truly impressive view and we strongly recommend visiting it. The ancient village of Badolato can be reached, leaving Soverato, along the SS106 towards south (Reggio Calabria). Once in the marine neighborhood, take the SS 135 (probably indicated as Via del Mare on your GPS). After some bends, climbing the hill, suddenly you will see the ancient village of Badolato, rises up the hillside, in its entire picturesque splendor. Even more fascinating is the vision of Badolato from SS135 at night, when you have the feeling of being in front of a huge crib. There are many churches and ancient buildings you can visit. To take a quick tour through the streets of Badolato may enough to schedule one hour, but if you want to listen to the stories that lie behind its views, the visit can take also 3-4 hours. Coming back to Soverato, follow directions to Catanzaro.

Davoli - San Sostene - Sant’Andrea

This route is ideal if you want to spend an afternoon or a morning visiting characteristic medieval villages perched on the rolling hills south of Soverato. In Davoli you will find beautiful granite portals, churches and fountains. To arrive to Davoli coming from Soverato, follow the direction of Reggio Calabria and come to the first roundabout in the town, turn right on to Via Papa Giovanni XXIII. After visiting the ancient village of Davoli, you can easily drive up to San Sostene, a lovely village only less than one mile from Davoli. From San Sostene, to reach the historic center of Sant’Andrea Apostolo sullo Jonio, you will pass by beautiful pine trees offering stunning view. After visiting Sant’Andrea you will come back to the coast. Back to Soverato, follow direction Catanzaro.

Badolato e Guardavalle

An alternative route would be to visit Badolato and then go even further south for another 6 miles and visit the historic center of Guardavalle, that offers the vision of the beautiful palaces Falletti, Hospitallers and Sirleto. Back to Soverato, follow direction Catanzaro.

The north coast of Soverato

It offers archaeological sites and shopping centers that are worth to visit. Catanzaro the main city of this area is also located on the north coast, which we highly recommend to visit. Catanzaro has got a fascinating history over thousands of years.

Il Castello che sovrasta Squillace - Bed and Breakfast a Soverato - Hotel B&B Il Cavalluccio Marino - Soverato Il Duomo di Squillace - Bed and Breakfast a Soverato - Hotel B&B Il Cavalluccio Marino - Soverato
Squillace dominated by the Castle Squillace Cathedral

In ancient Greece, the city was called Skylletion and only later in Roman times was named Scolacium. The ruins of the ancient city are located in the present town of Borgia, less than one mile from the seaside district of Catanzaro and 9 miles from Soverato.

Squillace’s main attraction is the museum, which collects all the partial findings of the archaeological excavations that have unearthed a huge Agora with terracotta flooring, a theater, a necropolis located on top of the hill.  Next to this is the amphitheater. Also within the archaeological park you will find the imposing Byzantine church, that was began to be built but never completed.

The modern Squillace is located three miles south of the ancient greek-roman site, abandoned by natural disasters and lack of defense against Saracen raids. In all likelihood part of the population took refuge in the present Squillace (11 miles from Soverato), part in Borgia and part in Catanzaro, where it still stands today a district called "A Grecěa".

In the old town of Squillace, on its summit, there is the Norman castle, while in the Main Square you will see the imposing Cathedral. From here head back to Soverato, following the direction of Reggio Calabria. 


Catanzaro - Bed and Breakfast a Soverato - Hotel B&B Il Cavalluccio Marino - Soverato

Coming from Soverato, if you want to visit Catanzaro, you better get in the Lido area, which has a promenade of around 3 miles, along which are located seaside resorts, snack bars, restaurants, pizzerias and shops. In the northern part of the promenade is also a lush marine-pine forest. A few miles from the pinewood you can find one of the most important shopping center of the county, which provides a multiplex cinema, bowling, restaurants and much more.

Climbing towards the old town of Catanzaro, you reach the view point called Bellavista, overlooking the ancient city walls, near the Porta Marina that used to be the medieval gate to the city for those coming from the sea. Bellavista location is enhanced by the facade of Palazzo Ruggero - Raffaelli, formerly a convent of the PP. Minimi.

We recommend you to take a walk along the main street of Catanzaro, which begins in Bellavista and arrives to Piazza Matteotti. Along this route you will find the most beautiful palaces and monuments of Catanzaro. We recommend you to get lost in the narrow alleys on either side of the course, from where you can reach the Cathedral, the church of St. Maria de Meridie, the Politeama Theatre, Palace de Nobili, Palace Alemanni, the portals and courtyards of via Poerio. Reaching Palace Ricca, in the district Pianicello, you can also admire the bold viaduct with a single arch in concrete, a masterpiece of the engineer Riccardo Morandi.

Along the way you will be able to see the Station of the cable railway in Piazza Roma, built in 1910, Fazzari Palace, the Palace of the Prefecture, the Church of the Immaculate Conception and the church of San Giovanni (St. John) with the adjoining complex, built on the ruins, still clearly visible, of the castle of Charles V. Back to Soverato, follow the direction of Reggio Calabria.

La Lira calabrese Vestiti tipici calabresi
La lira calabrese Typical calabrian clothes

Near Catanzaro, only 25 miles from Soverato lays this beautiful village called Tiriolo, well known for its violin makers and other craftsmen capable of building traditional musical instruments. Walking through its narrow streets, you have the feeling of living in a day of a few centuries ago, when wove fabulous clothes embroidered in gold, which some women still wear during the major holidays.

Tiriolo is famous for its contemporary view of the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea, from where on a clear day you can see the shape of the volcano Stromboli. Some archaeological excavations, whose relics are exposed in the local museum, testify the presence in the area of the ancient population of Brett. This place is thought to have had his palace the King Italo, from which came the name Italy. Back to Soverato, follow direction Catanzaro and then Soverato.

Stilaro Valley

It is located 22 miles from Soverato. On this valley are facing the countries of Stilo, Bivongi and Pazzano, that hold a fascinating history and many small gems of great beauty.

San Giovanni Therestis - Bed and Breakfast a Soverato - Hotel B&B Il Cavalluccio Marino - Soverato Pazzano - Bed and Breakfast a Soverato - Hotel B&B Il Cavalluccio Marino - Soverato
Monastery of San Giovanni Theristis Fountain of miners - Pazzano

Birthplace of the philosopher Tommaso Campanella, is a fabulous village with a long history. The Norman castle built by Ruggero II, is located on the top of Monte Consolino, overlooking Stilo. On the slopes of the mountain Consolino lays its foundation La Cattolica, a small Byzantine church built in the ninth century, which is the most important example of typical Byzantine architecture of the entire Mediterranean. Back to Soverato, follow direction Catanzaro.

La Cascata del Marmarico Cattolica di Stilo - Calabria
Marmarico falls Catholic of Stilo and prickly pear

It is located a few hundred meters as the crow flies from Stilo. In its territory lies the Monastery of San Giovanni Theristis, an Orthodox Christian monastery, which is currently run by monks from Mount Athos.

Entering a couple of miles into the mountains, there is the 375 ft high waterfall of Marmarico, offering breathtaking spectacle. The cascade ends in a small natural pond where you can swim on the hottest days of the year, because the water is very cold. Since the 375 ft waterfall are not sheer, but interrupted by some small terraces, the water jet allows to take a shower under the waterfall, in total safety. It is an unforgettable experience. Back to Soverato, follow direction Catanzaro. 


Wedged between two high rocky cliffs, which look at each other, still are visible several entrances to the ancient mines of iron, a mineral that until about 1865, was mined and then transported to the nearby Mongiana, where there was one of the most important foundries of Europe. Very beautiful the fountain of the miners, it is still a meeting place of the people of the village. On the Monte Stella there is the Hermitage of Santa Maria della Stella, created inside a very suggestive natural cave. Back to Soverato, follow direction Catanzaro.

Le Serre

They are part of the Apennine mountain, bordering on the north side with La Sila Piccola and on the south side with the Aspromonte. These mountains are always green and the air is always fresh at any time of the year. Until the 80s, when the air conditioners were not so popular, during the hottest days of the year the people of Soverato used to go in the Serre, to enjoy a few hours of coolness. Le Serre are reachable on a drive of just twenty minutes, then, leaving the beach of Soverato, you will be immediately in the shadow of a great forests.

Serra San Bruno
Il centro abitato di Bruno Frate certosino
The town Carthusian monk

In 1091 Bruno of Cologne founded the Carthusian monastery in the middle of a beautiful forest reserve, surrounded by streams, which give rise to the river Ancinale. You can visit the museum of the Carthusian Monastery and admire the mystical and millenary existence of the Carthusian monks. The Charterhouse is surrounded by great forests of beech, chestnut trees and towering firs, better known as the "Forest Principles" because of their height, which can reach up to 164 ft. To return to the B&B, follow direction Soverato.


This small town in the middle of the National Park of the Serre, was founded in the eighteenth century to host the workers of what was then the best foundry of the whole of Europe. In Mongiana they produced tracks for the first railway lines in Europe, as well as guns and cannons at the forefront of technology. In addition to the armory museum and the ruins of the foundry, you can visit the beautiful park of the Forest Guard. To return to the B&B, follow the first direction Serra San Bruno and then Soverato.

La Sila

La Sila - Calabria

It is called “the lung of Calabria” because of his green mountains, lakes and pastures free. It offers scenery identical to that of Switzerland, but the extraordinary of Sila lies in the fact that its alpine landscapes are offered in Calabria, a short way from the coast of North Africa. The Sila is conventionally divided into the Sila Piccola, in the south, on the slopes of Catanzaro and the Sila Grande, which extends to the north up to the limit with the mountains of the Pollino.

La Sila Piccola
Il Lago Ampollino Il Villaggio Mancuso - Tipico edificio in legno
Ampollino Lake Typical wooden building - Village of Mancuso

Starting from the center of Catanzaro, along 18 miles to the north, you will be in the cool and verdant forests of the Sila Piccola. Along this stretch of road you will find sights where you can admire the Ionian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The houses of the Villaggio Mancuso, in the municipality of Taverna, are built almost entirely of wood. In this village we recommend you to take a break, walk under the tall pines, take a stroll on horseback, buy typical products of the Calabrian Mountains, have a picnic in the picnic areas and maybe eat in restaurants that offer dishes based on woods products.

Near the Villaggio Mancuso the beautiful public reserve of Poverella is located and well-maintained by Rangers. Here you can see deer, fallow deer and all kind of birds of the woods. Interesting and instructive the route across the botanical garden and the museum.

A few miles in north direction of the Mancuso Village there is the fabulous Lake called Ampollino, on whose banks you can sunbathe, fish, walk or organize barbecues.

Along the 6 miles road of the Lake Ampollino, you will arrive in the Palumbo Sila Village, hanging in the municipality of Cotronei, which offers an indoor ice rink, some snow slopes, two ski lifts and two lines of bobsled. When it’s snowy in the winter you can explore the trail and the scenic areas adjacent by renting a quad. Usually in Sila there are at least 2 months of snow a year. The tops of the Sila Piccola achieve the 5,900 ft above sea level. Back to Soverato, follow direction Catanzaro, then Soverato. 

La Sila Grande

Lago Arvo - La Sila - Bed and Breakfast a Soverato - Hotel B&B Il Cavalluccio Marino - Soverato

Just 7 miles from the Palumbo Sila Village lays the largest center of the Sila Grande, San Giovanni in Fiore, a town linked to the abbot Joachim da Fiore, who founded the monastery on the spot and the congregation florense.

Also in the town of San Giovanni in Fiore you can find the popular tourist spot called Lorica with the ski lifts overlooking the lake Arvo. Twelve miles in north direction is Camigliatello Silano, a location that also offers ski lifts and all related winter sport services.

When you arrive to Camigliatello, we suggest a visit Cosenza, a place that offers tourist attractions like the Swabian Castle or the Teatro Rendano.

The Sila Grande can be reached through the Sila Piccola or, alternatively along the stretch of highway between Lamezia Terme and Cosenza. Back to Soverato, follow direction Catanzaro, then Soverato. 

Locri Epizeferi and Crotone

If the archaeological park of Squillace makes you want to explore the culture of Magna Greece and Rome, you can deepen visiting Locri Epizeferi and Crotone.

Gerace - Bed and Breakfast a Soverato - Hotel B&B Il Cavalluccio Marino - Soverato Capo Colonna - Crotone - Bed and Breakfast a Soverato - Hotel B&B Il Cavalluccio Marino - Soverato
The Cathedral of Gerace Capo Colonna - Crotone
Locri Epizeferi

It offers an important archaeological site with theatre, necropolis, agora, city walls, as well as a museum. Also interesting its historic center, Gerace, located in the hills. Back to Soverato, follow direction Catanzaro.


Gerace is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The spectacular Cathedral, with a crypt with columns of various styles certainly coming from ancient pagan temples, is equipped with a solar clock. The whole village is decorated with fabulous buildings, ancient churches and an archaeological site. Gerace is unfortunately unknown to most people, where you can admire the tombs of prehistoric times. Back to Soverato, follow direction Catanzaro.

Santa Severina - Bed and Breakfast a Soverato - Hotel B&B Il Cavalluccio Marino - Soverato Crotone - Le Castella - Bed and Breakfast a Soverato - Hotel B&B Il Cavalluccio Marino - Soverato
A view of the village of Santa Severina Aragonese Castle - Le Castella

The philosopher Giambattista Vico once said, "When Rome was a village of shepherds, in Croton Pythagoras were taught." It was in Crotone were the famous Pythagorean Theorem was created, causing so much suffering to all those students around the world that are numbers denied.

In the present-day city you can admire the Castle of Charles V where you can find the remains of Magna Graecia. You must go to Capo Colonna, where all the ruins of the Temple of Hera Lacinia are located.

Along the road that leads to Crotone, you may want to stop at Le Castella, in the town of Isola Capo Rizzuto to admire the Aragonese castle which stands on a small island. Throughout the year this may or may not be linked to the mainland by a thin isthmus.

With a deviation of only 15 miles you have the opportunity to visit Santa Severina, a village that holds a long history and its main square hosts the Castle, the Baptistery and the Cathedral. Back to Soverato, follow the direction of Reggio Calabria.

The tip of the boot

That stretch of Calabria which is located in front of the coasts of Sicily.


La Baia di Scilla - Bed and Breakfast a Soverato - Hotel B&B Il Cavalluccio Marino - Soverato

The origins of this spectacular town, nestled on the shores of the Strait of Messina, are lost in mythology. Castle Ruffo stands on the soft white beach of Marina Grande. On the opposite side of the beach of Marina Grande lies the charming fishing district called Chianalea with lovely old houses built in the water. In this area you can taste delicious seafood served on stilts built on the sea. Back to Soverato, follow the direction of Salerno.

Reggio Calabria

Reggio Calabria is almost two hours’ drive from Soverato. One of the most Important city of Magna Graecia. Today it hosts one of the largest and most important museums of the Italian Magna Graecia, whose most valuable pieces are certainly the Riace Bronzes. Two masterpiece of incomparable beauty and along with Michelangelo's David, one of the most important and valuable statues of Italian art history. Back to Soverato, follow the direction of Salerno.


Pentedattilo - Bed and Breakfast a Soverato - Hotel B&B Il Cavalluccio Marino - Soverato

Today Pentedattilo is within the municipality of Melito Porto Salvo, but it was a separate municipality until 1811. It stands on the slopes of Mount Calvario, characterized by the shape of a hand- where his name is coming from. It is named precisely from the greek penta + daktylos, that is five fingers. Pentedattilo is a ghost town, very charming to visit. Back to Soverato, follow direction Taranto.

Vibo Valentia county

It has a very rough territory, but within which fall some real gems of beauty, such as the towns of Tropea, Ricadi and Pizzo.

Pizzo - Castello aragonese Il famoso gelato di Pizzo - Il tartufo
Pizzo - Loc. Marina - The Aragonese Castle The famous truffle of Pizzo

It is called the city of ice cream, because it was here where the famous truffle of Pizzo was designed, filled with dark chocolate ice cream offered in many ice cream stores of the village. In the resort Marina there is the promenade, the beach, the seaside resorts and a few restaurants, all dominated by the old town and the Aragonese Castle, where Joachim Murat, Napoleon's brother in law was executed.

Going up in the old town, you can enjoy a fabulous view point, from where you can see the island of Stromboli during the days of clear sky. Very pleasant the walk that goes from the point of view to the Church of St. Rocco. Back to Soverato, follow direction Catanzaro.



It stands on a promontory 196 ft high above the sea. The houses are all build on the cliffs.

Tropea is a medieval type of city and during the summer there are many downtown streets closed to traffic, along which you can do a pleasant walk and shop in the many boutiques and shops. The landscape from the two main points of view is extraordinary. The end of Corso Vittorio Emanuele  overlooks the promenade below, you can see the church of Santa Maria island built on a peninsula, which stands out from the beach. On the other hand, in via Indipendenza, you can observe the archipelago of the Aeolian Islands. Back to Soverato, follow direction Catanzaro.

Capo Vaticano
Tramonto a Capo Vaticano
Sunset at Capo Vaticano, with the Vulcano Island on the horizon

Capo Vaticano is a district in the town of Ricadi, a few miles away from Tropea. It offers beautiful sandy bays, surrounded by cliffs overlooking the sea. Back to Soverato, follow direction Catanzaro. 

The Aeolian Islands

It is a creation of seven islands of volcanic origin, within a short time from the port of Vibo Valentia. You can attend one of the organized cruises departing daily from the port of Vibo Valentia. Allow yourself a full day to visit briefly Lipari, Vulcano and Stromboli.


Once in port, we suggest taking a walk, heading to the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew. Along the way you can admire the buildings that were built in the typical Aeolian architecture. Near the cathedral you can enjoy a fabulous view of the coast below.


On this island we suggest that you immerse yourself in the pools of sulphurous mud or bathe in the sea area adjacent these basins, where you can admire the extraordinary phenomenon of the water that bubbles due to the heat arising from the seabed.


L'arcipelago di Stromboli - Vulcano - Bed and Breakfast a Soverato - Hotel B&B Il Cavalluccio Marino - Soverato

Its cone shape is formed by the volcano, still active, and often offering the charming spectacle of lava plunging into the sea. It is very nice to do the shopping in the small shops, where you can buy fun souvenirs made of the typical lava stone.

The Tyrrhenian coast

Presents, within a few miles of each other, several locations with unique peculiarities, even though the most famous are Paola, Fuscaldo, Scalea and Praia a Mare, where you can admire the wonders offered from the island of Dino.


Looking at it from the SS 18, looks like a terrace overlooking the sea; climbing slightly up to the hinterland, you will reach this charming medieval village perched on the brow of a hill with its castle in part well preserved. Back to Soverato, follow direction Catanzaro.

San Lucido

It offers the beautiful Rocca castle which dominates the lowland that extends from the slopes of the ancient village to the sea. We recommend you to take a ride through the streets of the historic center, that offers very characteristic glimpses of Calabria. Back to Soverato, follow direction Catanzaro.


It is a charming town on the Tyrrhenian coast with a variety of fun activities offering at the same time sights to visit like the Sanctuary of San Francesco. His most famous son was the founder of the Order of the Minims. Back to Soverato, follow direction Catanzaro.


This small town is located by the sea on the way down to Dino Island. Back to Soverato, follow direction Catanzaro.


L'Isola di Cirella - Tramonto - Bed and Breakfast a Soverato - Hotel B&B Il Cavalluccio Marino - Soverato

It is part of the so-called coast of cedar. Characteristic of the old town is the presence of artistic murals, painted by artists of considerable thickness. Strongly suggested a bath in Cirella. The island is uninhabited and covered with typical Mediterranean vegetation. You can see the ruins of a fort, built in the sixteenth century- you can easily spot it when arriving to the Saracens. Back to Soverato, follow direction Catanzaro.

Praia a Mare

L'Isola di Dino - Bed and Breakfast a Soverato - Hotel B&B Il Cavalluccio Marino - Soverato

It is in front the Dino Island, a beautiful island caressing the north Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria. You can climb the 328 ft altitude or sail around the island and visit the 4 caves, one of which is enhanced by spectacular stalagmites. A fifth cave is semi-submerged and is accessible to those who practice diving. Back to Soverato, follow direction Catanzaro.


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