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Before proceeding we invite you to spend just another minute and read the section "Those who..." inspired by an ironical Italian old song.

You can use the form below also to request a voucher for a holiday in our B&B, a cooking class or an Italian language course, offering a stay in a comfortable, pleasant and sunny place to someone special for you.

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The request for availability is not binding, but we invite you to read now our Terms and Conditions of our service.

Privacy policy

Data protection. According to the art. 13 of the legislative decree n. 196 of 2003, we inform you that your personal data present on any e-mail or on the form that you send us, could be processed for promotional and marketing purposes; the handling of personal data will be carried out through computer means able to store and manage the data, with tools suitable to guarantee security and confidentiality. Your information will not be disclosed to third parties and you can request the deletion of them at any time.

Those who say...

A globetrotter is aware that the greatest wealth of this fabulous world is its diversity.

Whatever is your sexual and political orientation, the colour of your skin and your faith you will always be more than welcome at The Seahorse B&B.

We do not believe that The Seahorse B&B is the right place for those who...

Terms and Conditions

  1. Definitions: in the following Terms and Conditions, the terms “B&B”, “We” and “Us” refer to The Seahorse / Il Cavalluccio Marino B&B of Matteo Montepaone; the terms “Applicant” and “Guest” refer to, respectively, those who send the request of availability and those who sign the present contract; the term “Fellows” refers to those that, despite not having signed this contract, jointly to the guest are hosted in the B&B and their compliance to the contract is guarantee by the guest. The hours are to be understood in size 0-24.
  2. Booking in 3 steps.
    1. Request availability: the request of availability doesn’t involve any commitment for the applicant. It can be performed filling out the form in the section “book now” of the website of the B&B or even by telephone, fax or e-mail. The request should be as comprehensive as possible, specifying all the needs, such as the car park, an extra bed for children or the pick up at the airport/train station.
    2. Confirmation of availability: the B&B will send the confirmation of availability by fax or e-mail within 24h of receiving the request. The confirmation of availability will details all the services included and excluded, the dates of stay and will be effective for the next 24 hours after the sending.
    3. Booking: if the applicant is happy with the confirmation of availability can accept it paying 50% of the total cost of stay as down payment, according to the method of payment referred to in art 5. The reservation should be made within 24 hours of sending the confirmation of availability. If the applicant decides to book according to the confirmation of availability, but after the 24 hours of sending, the applicant should check the persistence of availability. If the applicant performs a payment after the 24 hours without check the persistence of availability, the B&B reserves the right to accept the late booking or communicate the cancellation of the reservation returning the sums received.
  3. Exemptions: art. 2 letters A, B and C are to be understood waived by other rules, in the event that the reservation is made through intermediaries (i.e.,, or travel agency).
  4. Deposit: upon arrival, the guest will pay to the B&B the amount of €/£ 100,00 for each bedroom booked as deposit interest-bearing. The sum will be refunded at the end of the stay, after checking the condition of the furniture and the observance of any contractual obligation.
  5. How to pay: the down payment, referred to in art. 2 lett. C), can be paid by bank transfer or Paypal. Upon arrival, after viewing the rooms and exhibiting an identity document valid for both guest and fellows, the guest must pay in advance the remaining price for the entire stay. The B&B accepts checks, except that one of Italian Post Office.
  6. Prices: are per whole stay, per bedroom and includes breakfast. Special rates can be arranged for those who don’t want to have breakfast. The prices are indicated in the Confirmation of availability.
  7. Minimum stay: the minimum stay between January and May and between October and December are 3 nights; between June and September is 5 nights. The B&B reserves the right to derogate this article, in order to increase the occupancy.
  8. Children: children between age 0 and 3 years are hosted for free, within the limit of one per room. Children between the age of 4 and 10 are entitled to receive a discount, which will be communicated in the confirmation of availability. Children are accepted only if accompanied by a parent or a guardian.
  9. Check-in and Check-out times: the check-in time is from 12.00 until 22.00. Guest should inform the B&B per time of the need to check-in at different times which must be agreed. Check-out is between 08.00 and 10.00.
  10. Breakfast: is served between 7.30 till 10.00.
  11. Cleaning rooms: the cleaning of the rooms and the common spaces is done every day between 10.00 and noon. Change of linen and towels every three days, always between 10:00 and noon.
  12. Cancellation policy: you can cancel your booking until midnight the day before arrival however down payments will not be refunded as per art. 2 lett. C.
  13. No show: the cancellation on the day of arrival is equivalent to the non-presentation of the client, so-called "No show"; in such case the guest have to pay the price of the full booked stay.
  14. Early departure: if the guest and/or any fellows decide to leave early before the scheduled departure date, the full price of the stay will apply.
  15. Inability to offer the service: the B&B does not perform any policy of overbooking and the impossibility of being able to offer the service can only be caused by a unforeseen circumstances that are any event or occurrence that is not predictable and not dependent on the will of the owner of the B&B. In such cases, the B&B will attempt to find an alternative accommodation of the same class and, if this is not possible, the B&B will refund all money paid to the B&B.
  16. Unauthorized persons: for reasons of Health and Safety, it is forbidden for guests and fellows to access the facilities of the B&B with non-registered people. Any reasonable exceptions must be agreed in advance with the owner of the B&B.
  17. Integrity of the facilities: guests and fellows are obliged to respect the integrity of the facilities, the furnishings and the household goods, as well as comply with the rules of civil coexistence, the principles of good neighborliness and have to respect fully the rules referred in this contract.
  18. Lost property: the B&B disclaims no liability for any personal items left unattended in the rooms and common areas, by guests and fellows.
  19. Use of rooms: for Health and Safety reasons it is forbidden to cook in the rooms, using ovens for camping or similar equipment.
  20. Disability and reduced mobility: we have always been very attentive to the needs of people living with disabilities. Ours is a very small business and unfortunately we are unable to offer a service compatible with the requirements of the above mentioned categories. The rooms are upstairs and there are no elevators available unfortunately. The bathrooms have spacious showers 90cm x 90cm but also a shower tray with a step of about 5 cm from the floor. It is our deep desire in the future to be able to offer a product with no architectural barriers.
  21. Hours of rest: we are located in a very quiet residential area where we need to respect the following quiet hours: from 24.00 to 08.00 and between 14.30 and 16.30.
  22. Smoking: is forbidden to smoke in the bedrooms and in all the common spaces of the house. All bedrooms have balconies, where smoking is allowed. We rely on the common sense of guests and fellows when smoking in the porch in the presence of other people and especially children.
  23. Pets: we love dogs and cats and know the difficulties to face, to arrange a holiday together our four-legged friends. However the B&B is not yet equipped with facilities appropriate to host pets. Reptiles, spiders and other exotic animals we like to visit them in their natural habitat or admire them on National Geographic but not in the B&B.
  24. Common Spaces: upon arrival guests will be shown all the common areas of the house. Use of the kitchen, both for health and Safety reasons and for logistical reasons, is not available to guests and fellows except for Moms & Dad who need to warm up baby food and distil bottles, as well as for those who want to enjoy our popular cooking classes.
  25. Interruption of the stay: the guest who will not comply with the rules in this terms and conditions, will be warned verbally or will incur in the immediate termination of the stay, without any refund.
  26. Ecology and Low cost in two points
    1. Air conditioning: it is included in the price of the stay and the usage is at complete discretion of the guest. The B&B doesn’t possess any kind of limitation of use of air conditioning. However we would like to ask all guests to respect the B&B’s environmental policy and manage the air conditioning system in an intelligent way, by turning it off when they leave the bedroom. Our air conditioning system is of the latest generation and is able to cool down or heat up the bedrooms in a few minutes. If the guest would like to find the room at a specifically desired temperature when  returns home, it will be enough to send us a text message and we will turn the air conditioning system on before the return to the B&B of the guest.
    2. Water: there is a large tank which ensures water even in the case of maintenance to the water supply. The hot water is provided by a gas-boiler and is always immediately available at any time of the day. Just the same as with the air conditioning, there is no limitation of use of water either in the house. However the B&B would be grateful to guest and fellows if they could avoid any unnecessary waste. Calabria is a region of high drought and water is a very precious element. We trust in guests’ common sense.
  27. Extra services available in the B&B
    1. Baby-sitting: we love babies and we can offer baby-sitting services upon request.
    2. Cooking classes: cooking is our passion. We give lessons of rustic cooking if required.
    3. Italian and English language courses: we have 10 years of professional experience in English speaking countries and we teach English and Italian for foreigners in our B&B. Italian is our mother tongue language.
    4. Transfers/Transportation: one return transfer to the beach of Soverato/Davoli is included in the price per room per day. We can also offer pick up service from the airport or from the train station.
    5. Parking: our area is very quiet and no car theft has been reported in the past decades. We can offer three parking spaces for our guests.
    6.  Bicycle: bikes are available on request, free of charge. Deposit on the bikes is required.
  28. Language and Jurisdiction: the language of this contract is Italian and the English translation is only for reference. The contract is subjected to the Italian law and jurisdiction. For any dispute is competent to judge exclusively the Court of Catanzaro.