Italian and English Courses in Soverato - The Seahorse

Italian and English Courses in The Seahorse B&B - Soverato

Our Italian and English language courses in Soverato are dedicated to those who wish to improve their knowledge or practice the language during the summer break or at any other time of the year. The students will have the opportunity to combine study and pleasure, being able to enjoy a few hours at the beach or in the mountains between the lessons.

Our language courses are also offered to adults and professionals who wish to learn Italian/English language starting from scratch or too further advance their knowledge.

For those who want to enrich their CV with a work experience abroad, we offer a specific course, which in addition to learning Italian and English language explains how the employment market works in an English-speaking country. Some lessons will centre on on how to write a CV, cover letter and references. We will also simulate a job interview highlighting the most common mistakes to avoid. 


The student who is interested in our Italian or English language courses firstly will be required to take a test that is complimentary; this is how we will assess the levels of understanding and communication (written and oral).

The assessment is a discussion of the objectives that will be achieved during the course, duly taking into account the level of initial knowledge and the level of commitment that the student want to profuse. The balance of these factors will set a reasonable target that will not frustrate the expectations of the student. 

Tailor made courses

After completing the assessment we will propose to the student a program that suits their personal needs and helps to achieve their goals.

Method of teaching

Our method of teaching is based on a friendly approach that provides the study of Italian/English language primarily through conversations based on their main hobbies and interest. Even with adult students this method is more effective to maintain constant attention and interaction especially during the intensive courses.

The method of teaching is based on a high level of interaction through the use of a variety of role-playing games and the simulation of real-life situations. 


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