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The Bed and Breakfast in Soverato with breakfast and cooking courses

The importance of rituals

The Sea Horse B&B is new on the market, but we have over 30 years of experience in hospitality by hosting many friends, colleagues and relatives who decided to spend their holidays in Soverato.

Among the many guests, there have been those who enjoyed eating a good few dishes as part of their breakfast – that usually comes with a digestive – and there have been those who were satisfied with a tiny portion of breakfast with a cup of tea.

We then realized that the breakfast is a ritual that everyone celebrates in their own way and we decided to give the opportunity to customize the breakfast to your liking, once you will be in our B&B in Soverato.  

How does the breakfast at The Seahorse B&B works?

We offer a wide menu of drinks and dishes to create your ideal breakfast. As the days goes by you can tell us which perfumes you would like to be waken up in our B&B in Soverato and we will prepare your customized breakfast - everything fresh and tasty.

For those who are undecided, we have created a section of suggestions for breakfast

Bed and Breakfast - Breakfast tasty and healthy
BB Soverato - Hotel con colazione - BB Il Cavalluccio Marino BB Soverato - Hotel con colazione - BB Il Cavalluccio Marino
Breakfast to Seahorse B&B

In our B&B we respect the nature cycles, paying attention to the rhythms of the microclimate of Soverato.

We serve only local, genuine and seasonal products. For example, we do not offer orange juice between August and October. The only foods out of season, that we would like to offer to you, are the typical dishes of Christmas or Easter, which, if required, can also be served at other times of the year.

The coffees of The Seahorse B&B

Soverato and the surrounding area have a long history of coffee roasting.

There are two companies near Soverato that produce delicious coffee blends. You cannot smell the delicious aroma of roasted coffee from our bed and breakfast, but we are always ready to make you a lovely coffee with our espresso coffee machine.

At The Seahorse B&B we serve espresso in the classic small porcelain cup or in the small glass, macchiato with hot and foamy milk or with cold milk, long, short and corretto - with a shot of local spirit. We also offer other popular variations of the simple espresso coffee like cappuccino, latte macchiato or iced coffee.

BB Soverato - Hotel con colazione - BB Il Cavalluccio Marino BB Soverato - Hotel con colazione - BB Il Cavalluccio Marino
The Moroccan coffee Espresso coffee

But for us the coffee is much more than just a simple hot drink and in our bed and breakfast - it speaks many languages:

Finally, the specialty of our bed and breakfast is Il Nocciolino, a delicious nutty version.

The chocolates

Spremuta di cioccolato al BB Il Cavalluccio Marino - Hotel / B&B Soverato

Instead of the instant chocolate we prefer the homemade, cooked one without any added flavour. We like to spice it up with cinnamon, orange, hazelnut or red pepper - you tell us how you like it and we will prepare it for you.

Teas and infusions

Teas - green or black - and infusions follow the rites of the continents and the countries in which they have spread over the time. In Soverato especially during the summer iced tea is a very popular drink, but in our B&B we always prefer to prepare the traditional one. It is up to you if want to enjoy it plain or enrich it with sugar, honey, milk, or with a slice of lemon. It is also up to you if you wish to have some delicious homemade dessert with it (please see our homemade desserts section). 

Other drinks offered at The Seahorse B&B
Bevande B&B Il Cavalluccio Marino - Il latte di mandorle Bevande B&B Il Cavalluccio Marino - La limonata
Almond milk Lemonade

In addition to the common fruit juices, Soverato also offers a large range of locally produced beverages, which have their own history in the region of Calabria.

Between November and July is the time for the production of oranges. We have yellow or red ones, whose fragrances can be enjoyed in the glass, after being squeezed.

Bergamot is an excellent product of Calabria. This plant is very rare and sought after and lends itself to a variety of uses, grows wild in the microclimate offered by the Ionian coast of Calabria in the south of Soverato.

The almond milk is believed to have a monastic tradition: it was used as a substitute for milk during Lent.

Finally we also offer a wide variety of original coffees and coffee drinks.

Milkshakes, smoothies and fruit salad
La Macedonia - B&B Hotel Soverato Frappè e Frullati - BB Soverato
Fruit salad - The Seahorse B&B Fresh fruit - The Seahorse B&B

Fresh seasonal fruit shakes with milk and sugar or simply pureed fruit is always available to help you wake up in our B&B in Soverato.

Fruit salad is a pleasant way to enjoy the rich variety of local fruit mixed with some exotic fruit. It is fresh and healthy dish that can be enjoyed with a tasty dessert or you can try it with a spoon of homemade ice cream. 

The Yogurt

It can be homemade or bought in the shop. However we prefer the homemade one enriched with seasonal fruit.

The homemade jam of The Seahorse B&B - Soverato

We offer a variety of homemade jam made with fruit from Soverato and its surroundings. You can enjoy it with a slice of homemade bread or eat it with croissant. You are always welcome to try it with the typical Hungarian pancake, “palacsinta”. Trust us, you are going to love it. 

Brioches and croissant

Homemade - hot from the oven or just pick up in the bakery. You can have it plain or filled with chocolate or marmalade.

The Seahorse B&B - Our home made cakes
Le Torte della Casa del B&B Il Cavalluccio Marino: i cannoli siciliani Le Torte della Casa del B&B Il Cavalluccio Marino: la crostata alla frutta
Sicilian cannoli Fruit tart

In addition to ice cream and homemade cookies, we offer a wide selection of homemade cakes and sweets.

Here's a short list of cakes that we offer in our B&B: Sicilian cannoli, Neapolitan pastiera, almond cake, sponge cake with cream, orange cake, tiramisù, fruit tart, Nutella tart, fresh cheese tart with chocolate flakes, Graziella cake, cheese cake, Philadelphia cake, sponge donut, chocolate cake, ciocorì (with puffed rice and chocolate), cup of coconut and yogurt.

Ideas to start your day at our Bed and Breakfast

Breakfast Soverato

Cappuccino or latte with croissant filled with either jam or Nutella. Here is our tasty variety: In addition to a croissant, a slice of our homemade cake.

Continental Breakfast

Boiled, fried, scrambled eggs or soft-boiled eggs; potato cake and grilled tomatoes; pancakes; muffins; sandwiches with ham, tuna, salmon or vegetables; French or classic toast and Italian Panini.

Breakfast of the B&B *

Half cooking board filled with soppressata and salsiccia, that are typical Calabrian salami that can be spicy or not; half cooking board filled with local cheeses and dairy products. All bordered from local picked vegetables with extra virgin oil of olive and Calabrian traditional bread

* surcharge

The cooking course of the B&B The Seahorse - Soverato

During your holiday in Soverato we can teach you how to cook at home all the stuff you usually buy at the supermarket. We teach you how to mix local ingredients according to the procedures of the Calabrian tradition and our family experience.

We offer a beginner cookery course that you can extensively customize, perhaps choosing to learn how to prepare one dish, such as potato gnocchi, or a full dinner with starter, main course and dessert. You tell us what you would like to learn and we will customize the course for you.

As part of the course we offer you what for us is the real secret of cooking: the obtaining of basic foods. The course begins at the local market or in the stall of the fishermen in Soverato. A good choice of food is the first and fundamental step to prepare delicious meals.

We don’t give you certificates at the completion of the course, because we do not claim to make you a great chef but will certainly help you to enjoy cooking and have fun during the course.

Our aim is to give you practical and tasty ideas for the cooking of everyday, a little bit of knowledge of the culture and culinary history of Soverato/Calabria and the pleasure of cooking at home, in a healthy and delicious manner.

Below is a short list of recipes that you can practice with us: 

Contact us for more information.



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