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How was our Bed and Breakfast born?

Bed and Breakfast Soverato: three travel journals and many ideas

Hotet B&B Soverato - Il Cavalluccio Marino

For the reasons of study and work, it was more than one year that we were not at home all together at the same time. During a warm summer evening, all around the garden table, laid with fresh fruit, we were listening to our three experiences. We all had come back home to Soverato after months apart. One of us had been in Thailand, the other in North America and the third in the Iberian Peninsula.

Three destinations culturally different, experienced by three people with distinct yet dissimilar tastes and characters but all of them had reached the same opinion about our homeland, Soverato in Calabria.

It was then the three globetrotters realized how much truth was in the opinions about Soverato and Calabria, revealed over the years by its many guests. Calabria is a unique place in the world, thanks to its extraordinary mix of cultures, landscapes, climates and gastronomic riches.

To travel the world is still our greatest passion but during that warm summer evening was born the desire to make our house and the stunning scenery around us, nestled like pearls in the heart of Calabria, not only a place of our home, but also a destination, a place to experience and be enjoyed by guests all over the world.

We were unsure whether to set-up a bed and breakfast or a hotel in Soverato. We had too many ideas and the project was a bit unclear.

We wanted to combine the strengths of Soverato’s hotels with the familiarity and friendliness offered by a bed and breakfast.

We wanted a Bed and breakfast in Soverato to infuse Calabrian culture and traditions by offering a rustic style authentic restaurant, serving local and traditional Calabrian dishes in addition to our guest rooms.

We wanted to open a bed and breakfast that prided itself on its attention to the smallest and finest of details, not a typical guest house.

A new place in Soverato with only the number of rooms of a B&B. We were imagining a hotel in Soverato with receptionists so in love with that place that they were able and eager to provide that information hard to find even on TripAdvisor or Lonely Planet. A hotel in Soverato that could also pass as a café brimming with information like a tourist info point.

A hotel in Soverato: the starting point of thousand places to explore

Hotel a Soverato - Bed and Breakfast Il Cavalluccio Marino - Calabria

Calabria is located between Taormina and the stunning Amalfi Coast, facing the Aeolian Islands. They are all celebrated places in the world because of the extraordinary landscape but Soverato and surroundings are no less than them, being able to offer in addition a combination of sea and mountains, accessible only within a few minutes by car.

Nevertheless, through the catalogues of tour operators, Soverato and surrounding hotels are nowhere to be found and to Calabria are dedicated a few short pages, hidden in the voluminous chapters, reserved for the top resorts neighbouring Calabria.

We are glad of this because we believe in a holiday different from that offered by the multinational Tour operator. We believe in a fun and relaxing holiday that at the same time let the guests to immerse themselves into unspoilt landscapes to be possessed by the endless beaches, whitewashed and lonely, to participate in local traditions, experiencing them first-hand. We believe in a holiday that allows you to discover the beauty that often hides oneself in the most unexpected and unknown corners.

We hope that this type of economic development will never grace these places and multinational tourism operators will not destroy the beauty of Soverato territory with the construction of aseptic holiday villages, identical to each other, such as Sharm el-Sheikh or the Canary Islands.

The long history full of events and the many places that deserve to be visited in Soverato and the surrounding area are not highly publicized, and sometimes it happens that those who say they know Soverato describe it by means of myths and old stereotypes.

Perhaps, because of its geographical proximity, the word Calabria brings to mind the word Africa: a place of a thousand faces, sometimes mystical and surprising again each time that you feel that you know it well.

Bed and Breakfast: the importance of the human factor

Whilst traveling, we observed how the well-oiled mechanisms of the big companies end up crushing the relationships between people. In the big hotels, poorly paid employees have to serve hundreds of customers every day.

It is what we call the effect of an “elephant in a crystals shop”.

Guests are delicate and precious as crystal works and an elephant, no matter how big and strong, can never have the flexibility necessary to meet the needs of people, as well as the speed in making decisions and perform actions necessary to resolve the problems that can arise during a stay.

It is enough a small thing to ruin a precious day: a service that we believed was included in the price and that it turns out we have to pay extra for it or it’s even not available or a bedroom or the public spaces, which are completely different from the picture we seen in the brochure at the time of booking.

A new hotel in Soverato or a Bed and Breakfast?

Hotet B&B Soverato - Il Cavalluccio Marino

Today the number of hotels available in Soverato are less than those open just thirty years ago, although, in recent decades, the population and new businesses have increased exponentially.

The hotels in Soverato that went out of the business were just the smallest.

The economic crisis has landed many small hotels in “hot water” but some of them complicate the situation further by wishing to adopt organizational techniques and forms of hospitality typical in larger establishments.

Hotels in Soverato nowadays are more careful to the family dimension of the service, a typical characteristic of the traditional bed and breakfast.

On the other hand, the B&B’s in Soverato have increased in number, following the phenomenon of the bed and breakfast or the German-Austrian zimmer frei.

After much thought and consideration we decided to set up a guesthouse similar to the hotels of Soverato but with the spirit of a warm and friendly bed and breakfast but again professionally organised. Our bed and breakfast in Soverato offers cosy porches and balconies where you can relax and reminisce about the destination visited and plan new ones.

In ideas of preparing and managing the rooms, we pulled inspiration from some of the top hotels of Soverato but we also wanted the warm welcome, the human relationships, the style of the common areas and the familiarity of the most welcoming bed and breakfast.

On this website you will not see misleading images of our B&B. Everything that we publish you will find it as such when you will arrive.

Another thing that you'll find when you arrive at our bed and breakfast is our ability to listen your requirements and the desire to ensure you have a special stay allowing you to go home happy and holding fabulous memories.

Our passion and enthusiasm for amazing hospitality has led us to anticipate what we believe are the most common needs of the guests. We decided to put at your disposal a shuttle service from the B&B to the beach, we provide the airport transfer, a customizable breakfast, flexible schedules for cleaning your room, our tips and advice on places to visit in the surrounding area, the possibility to do escorted excursions and much more.

However, we are always eager and ready to listen to your requirements and welcome new ideas.

Have a look around our web site for The Seahorse B&B and from here begins the exploration of this extraordinary place.





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